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The Company One is a private group that operates world class tropical finfish production facilities in Cairns, Queensland Australia. These include a state of the art breeding facility and grow-out pond farm.

The breeding facility is capable of commercially breeding 3 species of fingerlings from the Grouper family: (i) Queensland Groper (Giant Grouper), (ii) Gold Spotted Rock Cod (Gold Spot Grouper) and (iii) Flowery Cod (Tiger Grouper). Coral Trout is also being produced with ongoing research and development required to enhance survival rates to achieve commercial production.

The facility’s controlled environment contains unique systems and processes that allow the adult broodstock fish to spawn monthly producing more than 200 million fertilised eggs per annum. This translates into around 10 million fingerlings per annum. The home for some of these fingerlings is our pond farm which comprises 17 hectares of ponds that can produce 350 tonnes per annum of plate sized fish.

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General Manager | Dr. Richard Knuckey
- Completed PhD at the CSIRO Marine Laboratories in Hobart
- 28 years of experience in the aquaculture industry
- Last 15 years spent developing hatchery and grow-out technologies for tropical Groupers

In 1999 Dr. Richard Knuckey joined an ambitious project to diversify aquaculture and protect the coral reefs. The unique proposal found favour within the Queensland Government who awarded funding and launched the tropical finfish project. Over the next 18 years the team would go on to achieve their goal of pioneering innovative aquaculture techniques and create a world-class tropical finfish hatchery.

In 2016 The Company One purchased the Intellectual Property from Tropical Finfish and is now the only breeder of Giant Grouper in Australia and one of only a handful in the world. With exclusive approval to collect wild broodstock, The Company One holds Australia’s first and only aquaculture permit allowing commercial captive breeding and grow-out production of market-size Giant Grouper. In addition, The Company One raises three other species in the Grouper family: Gold Spot, Tiger and Coral Trout.

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